What Inspired Spark…

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Spark the Flying Frog is a combination of many different aspects of my life.

For one, he’s gay, as am I.

He’s a multi-media artist, as am I.

He flies. Sorry. I am still working on that one.

He has many aspects of my own personality, yet
makes decisions that I wouldn’t always make.

In my humble opinion, he spends way too much
time on his art. And yet, I am, as well, simultaneously
jealous, as that is a key secret to his wide success.

He definitely likes to take control, in situations, as much as he
possibly can.

When he starts to learn magick, at first he is apprehensive,
as he is quite confused to the benefits, and how this would
even help with his art making.

Yet, as time goes on, he realizes that it serves as an extremely
important and valuable tool to saving the planet of Light.

I definitely wanted him to be faery like, yet not a faery.

This is where the wings come in.

The kind of frog that he meets is, as well,
extremely intelligent. He, in fact, has a college
degree. His name is Petite. Aside from the fact
that he gets Spark out of an extremely precarious
situation upon meeting, they two’s personalities
merge and coalesce perfectly together.

Why a frog?

I think that the frog form is really interesting.

There aren’t a whole lot of stories where frogs
are the heroes.

I kind of feel for this important race, and wanted
to do it justice.

Perhaps you will feel a little bit differently about frogs,
after experiencing my books?

North Hamilton Press Magically presents
“The Lost Rose” series…

Part 1 – Free
Part 2 – $2.99
Part 3 – $9.99

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Inspired by Star Wars…

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Happy “May the 4th Be With You” Day!

Being an epic, fantasy entertainment company, we would be totally amiss to not acknowledge the incredibly imaginative and groundbreaking saga that is Star Wars.

We are totally inspired by it, and thought that we might include some videos and a photo gallery.

Out of everything Star Wars related, we are the most inspired by “Star Wars : Galaxy’s Edge”. So, that is what is included in the gallery. We believe that it is the finest work of the franchise.

One element, in particular, that we are the most touched by, in the films, is this idea of “the force”. We believe strongly that there is definitely an energy that holds the universe together.

Everyone can relate to that, no matter where you come from.

Thank you George Lucas, Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company for making the world a better place.

May the Force Be With You. Always.




All Star Wars Content © and TM 2020 The Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm

All Else © and TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

Our Inspiration…

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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

– Walt Disney


We, here, at Pazzaria Productions, are inspired by a great many things.

While the people in the animated .gif above might not need any introduction,
just in case, I will list them here….

• Walt Disney

• Steve Jobs

• Leonardo da Vinci

These are the top three influences, out of many many that immediately come to mind.

Others are definitely the likes of Elon Musk, Howard Schultz, Jeff Bezos, Whoopi Goldberg,
Oprah, Ellen, Barack Obama, Roy Disney and so, so many more.

For us, it really is a matter of putting a “dent in the universe”.

We like to take a look at what’s around us, and use technology to turn things inside out, upside down, and, hopefully, come out the other side with something truly extraordinary.

Our mission statement is:

“Everything that a guest would see, eat, buy, touch, do, wear, etc… all has to do with their own personal adventure within our world.”

To that end, we are always exploring new and different ways to tell stories. But, not only to just tell them, but to live them and be immersed by them.

At the current time, we are solely an online company. By nature, this defaults us to pieces of software created by Apple and Adobe.

It’s important for us to use this software, as an example, what happens when you merge Photoshop with Adobe Spark Post?

What clever, new and unique ways can we use Adobe Aero?

How are other people not using iBooks Author and what can we add to the space?

It’s these kinds of questions that we like to ask ourselves every single day, to bring you something that only we can provide.

Below are links to some key books, that we have read, and highly recommend.

Please stay safe during this very sensitive time. Be well.



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