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Pazzaria Interconnected Media Title Card - Future Projects

“Methought I was enamoured of an ass.
William Shakespeare

We, at Pazzaria Productions, are always innovating, and looking towards the future.

We would very much like to present two upcoming projects, that are very close to our hearts….

Corporate Website Refresh

“So, you are extraordinarily familiar with the Apovil and his doings. But of course, the entirety of LIGHT could not have been created with one being. And indeed it was not!”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

In grand, innovative style, we are updating our current corporate website. We are injecting much more story into the whole thing. We are moving away from this notion that a website should be within the same ideation as an “interactive magazine”, but, rather, taking more of the production thrust of a theme park attraction, at it’s core.

We have four wizards, forming our coven, that showcase the various areas of Pazzaria Productions. Through this presentation actually comes the creation of the world of Light (as showcased in our books).

Coming soon!

William Shakespeare’s
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” app…

This fun, highly interactive, hilarious piece of wondrous poetry will come to life in a fun, interactive app!

It will be almost video game-like.

What we are bringing to the table is this idea of integrating this timeless tale with our “The Lost Rose” series, for an unforgettable online adventure!

Coming soon!

That is all for now! Thanks ever so much!

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