Happy July 4th!

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We know that this year has been extremely difficult for the entire world.


We wanted to move forward with a positive outlook, with regard to how amazing and wonderful this country is.

No matter what the shenanigans of the stupid orange fürer, we are STILL in the United States of America, and can still practice many of our freedoms, with or without this clown at the helm.

We, here, at Pazzaria Productions are still able to grow, in the best way, and are very grateful for that.

We want to wish each and every one of you an amazing Fourth of July celebration, and are confident that, even though we are all socially distanced, that we can still remain strong, as a nation, and move forward through this time of turmoil with great zest and fervor.

In the spirit of keeping this short and sweet, this is all.

Lastly, because we ARE Pazzaria Productions, and we love to give, we would very much love to present to you, the complete works of North Hamilton Press, our publishing arm.

Enjoy. Stay safe. We love you all.

Happy Birthday America! May freedom always ring true in the hearts of all!


The Spellbook Soundtrack ad

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It’s Free, It’s Free!

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“Dang it.”

 – Who said it?

 – Are you laughing, now?

 – Well, what he DID say was…

“I’m free, I’m free! Dang it.”

Today, we are proudly featuring the first part of our “Lost Rose” series.

It is an Apple Interactive book called “The Spellbook – A Hub”.

This is just a book of “spells”, that are brought to you by The Wizard Coven.

They are featured in part three called “The Legend of the Lost Rose”.

It’s called “A Hub”, because it brings so much of what Pazzaria Productions has to offer, all in one place.

I don’t want to say too much, as I am inviting you to explore!

You may download it, as long as you have an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Macintosh.

It also features an integrated music soundtrack, that is available here.

Lastly, if you are really curious, part two is called “Spark the Flying Frog”,

and may be found here.

Enjoy, and always remember to….



© & TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions