Augmented Reality

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Again, very simple today.

Here are links to our augmented reality experiences.

Please note that this will only work on iOS devices.

Please enjoy, and thank you kindly.

The Legend of the Lost Rose – A Scene 1

The Legend of the Lost Rose – A Scene 2

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A Gorgeous Art Gallery

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Very, very simple today. Please click on the individual images, to see the amazing and exquisite detail that went into the art for our free Apple Interactive Book – The Spellbook.

Thank you kindly.


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Just some accompanying art an an Apple Interactive Book excerpt.

Simple today.



“Open the blasted doors!” shouted Prince.

The doormen watched in complete dismay, as they flew up into the sky in a most majestic fashion.

“Rocky, do you know how to get to the Rose?” asked Spark.

“I am not too sure as I have never seen it myself.”

“It is right at the very tip, top of LIGHT. It is right where FIRE, and AIR intersect. If you head north from wherever we are, you are bound to run right into it.”

“Prince, did you bring a compass?” asked Rocky.

“Yes. Navigation is one of my strong suits!

“Whatever,” yawned a bored Miss Buttergrow.

“What are we to do for food?” asked Rocky.

“I brought along with me enough money to buy whole food farms if we need to. Don’t worry. We will all eat like, well, me, on
this journey of journeys!”

“As spoiled as he may be, he is good to have around.”
laughed Petite.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

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