I Am in CalArts Expo 2020

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“I want people to graduate from there really able to do things. I don’t want a lot of theorists. I want to have a school that turns out people that know all the facts of filmmaking, I want them to be capable of doing anything needed to make a film-photograph it, direct it, design it, animate it, record it, whatever. That’s what I want. Heck, I’ve hired theorists, and they don’t have any knowledge I can use. I want to have everyone in that school come out capable of going in and doing a job. These dilettantes who come out with pseudo-knowledge, they give me a pain. I want it so if an actor is needed, they can get an actor right out of school. If a musician is needed, they can go to the music department and find a musicians who can compose music.”-Walt Disney

Me, The Director of Creation at Pazzaria Productions – Daniel L Rappaport, attended the California Institute of the Arts from around 1997 – 2001. He majored in both graphic and theatre design.

The school was founded by Walt Disney, and is the top animation school on the planet. He wanted a place where all of the arts could coalesce, merge and bounce off one another.

It was a fascinating experience and I learned a lot. While attending, I had always wanted to be in a gallery showing, but never got the chance. Now, many, many years later, it has become possible.

They featured both this blog – The Magical World of Pazzaria Productions, as well as our corporate website – Pazzaria Productions.

I am deeply emotional with regard to this, and would love for you to please enjoy it, by going here, to download the necessary files.

Thank you kindly.

Just some work from prominent former CalArtians:

Tim Burton – Filmmaker and Theme Park Designer Extraordinaire

John Lasseter – Started Pixar – Former Principal Creative Designer –
Walt Disney Imagineering

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Meet the Apovil…

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The Apovil’s name is inspired by the ancient Egyptian – “Apophis“.

He is featured in our story, “The Legend of the Lost Rose“, and is a very complex character.

Is he evil? Is he not? We aren’t entirely sure.

The planet that he resides on is called Light, and it is going under. The Apovil is just randomly flying through and smashing up the world’s towns. Nobody quite knows why.

Another theory, as to the planet’s untimely demise, is that there is a rose, who’s roots stretch all of the way around the planet. The rose, itself, stretches far north, from the planet’s surface, into the sky.

You kind of can’t really see it. It’s a conspiracy theory. You don’t really know it’s there, unless you know that it’s there.

The roots give the planet it’s life force. The roots are dying, and so is the planet along with it.

Can precious, Wiccan Light be saved?

You will have to find out! Join our adorable cast of characters and experience The Legend of the Lost Rose trilogy for yourself, today!

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