Happy July 4th!

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We know that this year has been extremely difficult for the entire world.


We wanted to move forward with a positive outlook, with regard to how amazing and wonderful this country is.

No matter what the shenanigans of the stupid orange fürer, we are STILL in the United States of America, and can still practice many of our freedoms, with or without this clown at the helm.

We, here, at Pazzaria Productions are still able to grow, in the best way, and are very grateful for that.

We want to wish each and every one of you an amazing Fourth of July celebration, and are confident that, even though we are all socially distanced, that we can still remain strong, as a nation, and move forward through this time of turmoil with great zest and fervor.

In the spirit of keeping this short and sweet, this is all.

Lastly, because we ARE Pazzaria Productions, and we love to give, we would very much love to present to you, the complete works of North Hamilton Press, our publishing arm.

Enjoy. Stay safe. We love you all.

Happy Birthday America! May freedom always ring true in the hearts of all!


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User Interactive Merchandise…

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Pazzaria Productions is bringing something entirely new and different to the world of entertainment.

This is the idea of “User Interactive Merchandise”. These are items that are either integral to a character’s plot, and/or move your own personal story forward, within our world.

As an example….
In Chapter 1 – “A Spark Full of Life!” of  the epic Apple Book, “The Legend of the Lost Rose”, our hero, Spark the flying frog, is seen painting one of his usual masterpieces.

“Over the past year, a specialized area of interest has presented itself to Spark. He has heard about this “Grand Lost Rose”. It is the most revered flower in all of LIGHT. The juice, when extracted with special machines, is said to make one love everything, and live forever. The people whom have had this new type of rose are called the Roseela.
The flowers, nor the juice, are easy to come by. Due to the rose’s intense power, one cannot simply pick it. Even looking at them alive for more than a few minutes can stun a person. So they must be grown in ways that is are best for one’s health while attempting to preserve all of the benefits of this
mysterious flower.
The cost is so high, that only a small handful of factories can produce the juice. And at that, even a smaller number of creatures living in LIGHT can afford it.
Of course, the purest of these flowers is the red rose. Medicinal potions are made from lesser flowers from different colors, but, these aren’t nearly as powerful.

This rose species is so special to Spark that he’s painted its likeness upon a keepsake box. In here, he keeps his most valuable treasures.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
Apple Books.

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