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In These Magick Cards…

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Pazzaria Interconnected Media Title Card - Future Projects

“Methought I was enamoured of an ass.
William Shakespeare

We, at Pazzaria Productions, are always innovating, and looking towards the future.

We would very much like to present two upcoming projects, that are very close to our hearts….

Corporate Website Refresh

“So, you are extraordinarily familiar with the Apovil and his doings. But of course, the entirety of LIGHT could not have been created with one being. And indeed it was not!”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

In grand, innovative style, we are updating our current corporate website. We are injecting much more story into the whole thing. We are moving away from this notion that a website should be within the same ideation as an “interactive magazine”, but, rather, taking more of the production thrust of a theme park attraction, at it’s core.

We have four wizards, forming our coven, that showcase the various areas of Pazzaria Productions. Through this presentation actually comes the creation of the world of Light (as showcased in our books).

Coming soon!

William Shakespeare’s
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” app…

This fun, highly interactive, hilarious piece of wondrous poetry will come to life in a fun, interactive app!

It will be almost video game-like.

What we are bringing to the table is this idea of integrating this timeless tale with our “The Lost Rose” series, for an unforgettable online adventure!

Coming soon!

That is all for now! Thanks ever so much!

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A Wonderful Apple Book Review…

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Here is a marvelous review of my Apple Book – The Legend of the Lost Rose, by Political Gravity’s Jane Hoffman.

Thank you, Jane!

The Legend of the Lost Rose is an interactive touch screen fairy tale available on Apple and other venues. It is compatible with Apple products and was written by the owner and CEO Daniel L Rappaport, the creator of Pazzaria productions. This is my review below and I will also post it on Twitter.  #fantasy #fairytale  Team Pazzaria Productions

This is the link to buy the book.

Legend of the Lost Rose
Suggested reading and summary by Jane Hoffman

Spark is a flying frog with special artistic gifts that he uses to express the value of his world. He likes to paint pictures of bugs who were once his friend, wildlife, symbols of nature that add magic to his world. He embraces a simple life in which he would like to enjoy his intricate pleasures of painting, music, reading and collecting art history within his comfortable cave he has tailor made. As the story unfolds, he discovers he has been called to be instrumental in removing evil from the land he lives in called LIGHT based on enemy infiltration that desire the secrets of a rose with special juices that are rare and offer long life. Good forces have come into his life to warn him and teach him how to combat the dark elements. He magnetizes toward Miss Buttergrow, an older woman from the Rainbow World who teaches him how to assert his energy while protecting hidden gifts of energy in the Land of Light where he lives.

She had access to a powerful black vial that Apovil, the head of the dark energy and original ruler of the world, wants to possess along with his minions. Spark must stop Apovil from mustering his bad energy on the earth. It turns out that Apovil was in the land of LIGHT alone and he solely created all the creatures that now exist including fantasy creatures such as horses with spikes instead of tails and gigantic butterflies. Apovil created a mystical world of balance and beauty. He also is 1000 years old and is losing the powerful creative energy of his youth in which he once created thousands of roses to fuel the land. Throughout the 144 page story, Spark will learn on his journey how to create special magic sources from Mrs. Buttergrow.

His mission is to take the vial of blue moonlight magic to the oldest of the Grand Roses and fully restore the City of LIGHT. Spark was chosen by the prophets to accomplish this mission. Spark must move out of his comfort zone and expose himself to the world around him which will provide him growth and skills. The story has a lot of thought behind it and beautiful imagery. The underlying theme of the story is the forces of good and evil and the attempt to conquer evil through magick. (spelling from story) Apovil did not start using dark energy until his powers were shrinking and then he became predatory.

This book is available through Apple and can be ordered through Pazzaria Productions. There are touch screen elements in which you can order items from the story for your collection such as a box with a rose or a painting of a mansion.

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Horror in the World…

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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
– Mahatma Ghandi


I hope that this day finds you both sane and well.

I couldn’t just sit, and watch idly by, while these despicable acts go on around me.

It’s very difficult to put into words, what it is that I am feeling, right now.

Not everyone will agree with what I am saying here, and nor would I expect them to.

There is absolutely no excuse for any of it. The senseless killing. The rioting. The looting. The destruction of property.

Please stop it. I know that people are angry, but this doesn’t make any sense and it doesn’t do anybody any good.

The stories of Pazzaria Productions are about hope, togetherness, magick (Yes. That is spelled correctly.), creativity, acceptance and love.

I wrote them to be a positive beacon and to add something a bit different, fun, quirky and altogether wonderful, to the conversation.

As an artist, when I see stuff like this go on in the world, it saddens
me greatly.

I am immediately moved to ask myself – “What is it that I can do?”

If I might be able to help a soul heal, with my work, then I would really love to try and do that.

Instead of destroying, I have decided to add something to the greater good.

Please accept this free Apple Book and accompanying music of “The Legend of the Lost Rose”.

Please be safe and be well. Enjoy.

With the Deepest of Respect, Love and Kindness,

Daniel L Rappaport
Director of Creation and Owner
Pazzaria Productions

© and TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly!

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Chapter 13 A Highlight North Hamilton Press

Please enjoy this excerpt from Daniel L Rappaport’s Apple Book – The Legend of the Lost Rose.

“The motley group continued to fly over awesome volcanoes and grand mountain ranges made of dried, black molten lava showing all different sizes and shapes.
They saw flocks of dragons, rainbow parrots, and even some fish that learned how to fly quite high.
“This is the most beauty that I have ever seen in life,” said Spark.
“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, kid!” said Prince.
Far, and long into the distance, one wide open space after another did they see.
Some brilliant hues of reds, oranges and yellows. Others, deep purples, and bright greens.
“Is that the grand, Noble Fir tree that is AIR’s center?”
asked Spark.
“Indeed, it is!” answered Miss Buttergrow.
This could be seen even from within the outermost boundaries
of FIRE.
“We are getting closer! PRESS ON!” commanded the Prince.
“Yeeeee haaaaawwww!!!”

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Is it You or the Government?

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Do you all think that the government is to blame for the detriment of society, or, do you think that people bring unfortunate circumstances upon themselves?

Sound off in the comments below!

Brought to you by A Magical B.T.S. (Behind the Scenes)

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User Interactive Merchandise…

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Pazzaria Productions is bringing something entirely new and different to the world of entertainment.

This is the idea of “User Interactive Merchandise”. These are items that are either integral to a character’s plot, and/or move your own personal story forward, within our world.

As an example….
In Chapter 1 – “A Spark Full of Life!” of  the epic Apple Book, “The Legend of the Lost Rose”, our hero, Spark the flying frog, is seen painting one of his usual masterpieces.

“Over the past year, a specialized area of interest has presented itself to Spark. He has heard about this “Grand Lost Rose”. It is the most revered flower in all of LIGHT. The juice, when extracted with special machines, is said to make one love everything, and live forever. The people whom have had this new type of rose are called the Roseela.
The flowers, nor the juice, are easy to come by. Due to the rose’s intense power, one cannot simply pick it. Even looking at them alive for more than a few minutes can stun a person. So they must be grown in ways that is are best for one’s health while attempting to preserve all of the benefits of this
mysterious flower.
The cost is so high, that only a small handful of factories can produce the juice. And at that, even a smaller number of creatures living in LIGHT can afford it.
Of course, the purest of these flowers is the red rose. Medicinal potions are made from lesser flowers from different colors, but, these aren’t nearly as powerful.

This rose species is so special to Spark that he’s painted its likeness upon a keepsake box. In here, he keeps his most valuable treasures.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
Apple Books.

© and TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

What Inspired Spark…

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Spark the Flying Frog is a combination of many different aspects of my life.

For one, he’s gay, as am I.

He’s a multi-media artist, as am I.

He flies. Sorry. I am still working on that one.

He has many aspects of my own personality, yet
makes decisions that I wouldn’t always make.

In my humble opinion, he spends way too much
time on his art. And yet, I am, as well, simultaneously
jealous, as that is a key secret to his wide success.

He definitely likes to take control, in situations, as much as he
possibly can.

When he starts to learn magick, at first he is apprehensive,
as he is quite confused to the benefits, and how this would
even help with his art making.

Yet, as time goes on, he realizes that it serves as an extremely
important and valuable tool to saving the planet of Light.

I definitely wanted him to be faery like, yet not a faery.

This is where the wings come in.

The kind of frog that he meets is, as well,
extremely intelligent. He, in fact, has a college
degree. His name is Petite. Aside from the fact
that he gets Spark out of an extremely precarious
situation upon meeting, they two’s personalities
merge and coalesce perfectly together.

Why a frog?

I think that the frog form is really interesting.

There aren’t a whole lot of stories where frogs
are the heroes.

I kind of feel for this important race, and wanted
to do it justice.

Perhaps you will feel a little bit differently about frogs,
after experiencing my books?

North Hamilton Press Magically presents
“The Lost Rose” series…

Part 1 – Free
Part 2 – $2.99
Part 3 – $9.99

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I Am in CalArts Expo 2020

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“I want people to graduate from there really able to do things. I don’t want a lot of theorists. I want to have a school that turns out people that know all the facts of filmmaking, I want them to be capable of doing anything needed to make a film-photograph it, direct it, design it, animate it, record it, whatever. That’s what I want. Heck, I’ve hired theorists, and they don’t have any knowledge I can use. I want to have everyone in that school come out capable of going in and doing a job. These dilettantes who come out with pseudo-knowledge, they give me a pain. I want it so if an actor is needed, they can get an actor right out of school. If a musician is needed, they can go to the music department and find a musicians who can compose music.”-Walt Disney

Me, The Director of Creation at Pazzaria Productions – Daniel L Rappaport, attended the California Institute of the Arts from around 1997 – 2001. He majored in both graphic and theatre design.

The school was founded by Walt Disney, and is the top animation school on the planet. He wanted a place where all of the arts could coalesce, merge and bounce off one another.

It was a fascinating experience and I learned a lot. While attending, I had always wanted to be in a gallery showing, but never got the chance. Now, many, many years later, it has become possible.

They featured both this blog – The Magical World of Pazzaria Productions, as well as our corporate website – Pazzaria Productions.

I am deeply emotional with regard to this, and would love for you to please enjoy it, by going here, to download the necessary files.

Thank you kindly.

Just some work from prominent former CalArtians:

Tim Burton – Filmmaker and Theme Park Designer Extraordinaire

John Lasseter – Started Pixar – Former Principal Creative Designer –
Walt Disney Imagineering

© and TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

Snow Crevette and the Evil Kids

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Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

They land and then, from out of nowhere, the ground opens up, and the whole team falls. They end up in a gigantic cave. It was oddly sweet smelling, with colorful tapestries lining the walls.

They appeared to depict the history of AIR, and how the elves lived. Apparently, they are quite proud of this.

There were also huge bags full of cookies, that looked like they had mail markings on them.

“This must be the place where they ship those delicious cookies!” exclaimed the Apovil.

“Really? I thought it was the factory of the toilet screws,” Rocky said out of turn.

“Really? I thought it was the factory of the toilet screws,” Rocky said out of turn.

“You know, Rocky, just because you can’t keep up with me…” said the Apovil.

“Kids, kids! This is no way to get anywhere! I demand to speak to someone with authority, this instant!” commanded Prince.

Suddenly, a rather queer looking elf showed himself in the form of a hologram in front of the tapestries.

“Yyyyyeeeeesssssss, my dears?” said he.

“Where are we? And why are we here?” asked Prince.

“You, too too looos, are inside one of the most important places in AIR. The cookie, pookie, parookie, room!”

Huh? The crew all had confused looks on their faces.


The hologram had turned into none other than Crevette!
She appeared as herself and not a hologram.

“Is this your idea of starting your evil ways yet AGAIN?! And, when LIGHT is at its most dire?!” said a very exasperated Prince.

“I knew that you would be drawn here. So I trapped you. Big deal. Now, if you don’t give me what I want, I and every elf in AIR will have your lives.”

“And what is that?”

“The Blue Pixie Dust!”

© and TM 2020 Pazzaria Productions

Just a fun piece of concept art from the chapter!