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#TellAStoryDay !

Here’s our little entry, to celebrate!


Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham.
“The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.


“Wow! What’s that down there?” pointed Spark.

“Those would be fireworks, my dear,” answered Petite.

“Obviously they are both visually and sensually appealing.”

“Obviously,” and Petite kissed Spark in the joy of watching
such beauty.

“What a display!” exclaimed Miss Buttergrow.

“Awsome! Wooo wooof! Who is up for crashing a party?”
asked Prince.

“Oh no, we couldn’t,” said Petite.

“Dang it, I AM THE Prince. If I say we crash it, then we crash it!”

“Down we goooooo!” said Rocky.

And, down they went! The fireworks were a sight. They formed all kinds of flowers, houses, trees, planets, birds, lively shapes and dazzling colors. If ever there was some Magick in the stars,
this is it!

“What do you suppose they are celebrating?” asked Spark.”

“This time of year? Most likely Yule. Frankly, I am surprised that we haven’t seen more displays such as these throughout FIRE,” said Miss Buttergrow.

“Individual families are celebrating by burning the proper decorative logs in their homes. I love the smell personally. And, the energies are most wondrous and fair. Of course, a show such as this is extravagantly odd. I haven’t seen anything like it for quite some time,” said a suspicious Prince.

“Indeed. The Apovil should have rendered extravagances like this completely dead.”

“How are we going to ‘blend in’, as it were?” asked Petite, a little worried now that something seemed not quite right.

“For this, we improvise!” said a proud and excited Prince.

They landed in a forest a few hundred feet away. As they got closer, they saw that an unusual number of frogs were at
this gathering.

“We will sneak up into a crowd and then just blend in conversationally. If anyone asks where we are from, just say that we are here on behalf of the Grand Rose. Some time ago, while no one really paid attention, I made a decree that stated that I can show up anywhere, anytime, for any reason, as long as it was on behalf of The Grand Rose,” said Prince.”

Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham. “The Legend of the Lost Rose.” North Hamilton Press, 2013. Apple Books.


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6 thoughts on “Fireworks!

    • Well, thank you ever so much, Wade!

      Your comment is greatly appreciated!

      I am looking forward to seeing more!

      You take care!


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  1. The story gets better and I just might make my my own decree in real life! And that’s something to shoot off fireworks for! Great work here and that Prince and Spark are something else. I wish the puzzle was digital as well. Overall, Fantastic work!

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