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#PetOwnerIndependenceDay !

Here’s our little entry, to celebrate!


Excerpt From: Daniel L Rappaport & Patricia Gresham.
“The Legend of the Lost Rose.”
North Hamilton Press. Apple Books.

“Never in my life have I ever had a citizen who was so ungrateful. We all cannot bond together, underneath the Great Rose’s power, if energy does not flow through us with ease,” said the great Prince.

“Understood. What’s with the frogs? And why does one have wings?” asked Rocky.

“Forgive us, for we haven’t introduced ourselves,” the frogs croaked in unison.

“I am Spark. A very humble flying frog, who didn’t really want to go on an adventure in the first place. But, now that I have, I am grateful for it and I am at your service.”

“And I am Petite. Spark rescued me from a chef who would have eventually been after my legs. Ever since, we have been quite the romantic pair. Isn’t that right, my sweet wart?”

“Yes, my succulent mucous.”

“And, what use do they have with us?” asked Rocky.

“I have known Spark for quite some time and mainly I just wanted him to get out of the house. This meeting cannot continue without everyone knowing exactly why Spark is here. You see, he holds some rose elixir that has been enchanted by the blue pixie dust!” Miss Buttergrow informed the table.

“Then, we must feed The Great Rose this liquid, to restore our world!” pronounced Prince.

“But, there is the blasted Apovil to contend with. Everywhere I turn lately there he is. Another city has been destroyed, another forest burnt down, another lake, or ocean dried up and another population in ruin,” said Miss Buttergrow.

“And not only that. Food supplies are running low. Infrastructure is going down the drain. Power is leaving the grid. The great sources of energy that once flowed like a smooth river are now struggling to get through,” added Prince. “It’s nothing short of a miracle that I was able to build this town.”

“And how did you do that?” asked Spark fluttering his wings
in excitement.

“This only could’ve happened when everything was perfect. Once a year, there is a whole grouping of Italian greyhounds that come ”

“through this part of FIRE. I am sure you can see there aren’t many dogs around here. Some of these were Magickal, while others weren’t, which was ok. They could serve as conduits.

“We are all excellent diggers. So, we dug and dug, and dug this tremendous hole in the ground. We only worked at night, and covered our tracks well before sunrise. Like yourselves and so many others, we were looking for ways to continue living, after the potential death of the Great Rose. One of the dogs had a crystal around his neck, in the form of a collar. Being in FIRE, with the volcanoes producing all kinds of interesting stones, rocks and things he thought that this could be a form of protection.

“After some planning, and after the hole was finished, we all gathered around in the traditional circle. Although each of us can do simple things without much preparation, this took a matter of hours of Magickal conjuring to complete.

“We felt it a great use of the energies because the stone and crystal work are reproducing the Magick tenfold. Sadly, it isn’t enough to save all of LIGHT.

“As a matter of fact, it is just enough to keep us protected. Yes, perhaps a bit more lies here than what was before but even this is temporary.”

“Well done!” exclaimed Miss Buttergrow!”

“That is impressive,” stated Rocky. “I am now even more sorry for how foolish I have been.”

Miss Buttergrow snapped her fingers in the center of the table, to cause a spark of light.


The food started coming in. Prince informed the chef, while everyone else was chatting, what he figured everyone would want. He has a way with people and of course, everything was perfect.

“Arf, ggrrrooowwwlll…. arf arf!” Suddenly, Prince’s food appeared before him. Everyone at the table just rolled their eyes.”



If you enjoyed the above excerpt and the art, please consider checking out the Apple Book – The Legend of the Lost Rose, right here, right now! Thanks!


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  1. So, we have adorable Characters, a great storyline an all together mystical team in a magical and enchanted land. Their story makes you want to cheer them on and be part of their world. Spark the flying frog is one of my favorites as is Miss Butterglow as well. So start reading, jump aboard and sail on with us!

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